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Drums & Flats Sticky BBQ DIY Kit For 4



Sticky BBQ wings

Based on an old family recipe, we take BBQ wings to another level. Are infamous Sticky BBQ wings are sweet, sticky and fully of flavour, just how BBQ wings should be.


Each box contains 

x40 Marinated chicken wings (Serves 4-5 People) 

Cornflour & plain four mix

Sesame Seeds 

Spring Onion

Fresh Rosemary

BBQ Sauce

Digital Recipe card (Sent via email)


What you need

Oil: You will need an oil with a high smoke point, like Rapeseed, Vegetable, or Sunflower Oil

Kitchen Knife (for preparing the garnish)

Deep frying pan / Electric fryer / Cast iron pot

Metal end tongs / Metal slotted spoon 

Plenty of tissues (For after the meal!)


*Additional options: 

Candy Thermometer to check your oil temperature

Food probe to check the temperate of the wings 


Prep Time

20 minutes 


Cook Time

15 minutes


Eating Time

Depends how hungry you are, and if you’re sharing?


Key Information

Our wings are halal.

Our wings come vac packed and marinaded in our signature 5 spice seasoning.

Please refrigerate your wings, and sauce as soon as they arrive. Consume within 3 days.

Wings can be frozen, and should be consumed within 1 month of the date of freezing them. If frozen, please ensure your wings are defrosted thoroughly before cooking and consumed within 24 hours of being defrosted.

Allergens: WHEAT, GLUTEN, SOY & SESAME. Should you have any further dietary requirements, please contact Drums & Flats at before making your order.


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