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Sticky BBQ Sauce

Sweet, sticky, and full of flavour. Our homemade BBQ sauce can be used in a variety of ways. Level up your sandwich, throw it on some chicken pieces or add...

From £4.50

South London Fire Hot Sauce

Forged in the depths of South East London. Not for the weak! Drums & Flats' South London Fire Sauce can be added to almost any dish for a big kick!...

From £4.50

Jerk Sauce

Set to leave your lips tingling. Our Jerk Sauce is a blend of fresh ingredients and spices combined, with a light BBQ and smoky undertone. Great with meat, and vegetables,...

From £4.50

Bangin' Buffalo Sauce

Sharp, tangy and packs a punch! Our signature Bangin' Buffalo sauce can be enjoyed warmed up or at room temperature. It goes perfectly with wings, in a sandwich, or just as a...

From £4.50

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